UC&CS GLOBAL is an Association of Independent Firms in all over the World, which are different entities legally established and therefore there is no a whole responsibility from either the Association or the associated firms by the facts or omissions that every associated entity can perform. UC&CS GLOBAL does not meet the definition of “network” established in the Ethic Code of the IFAC (International Federation of Accountants), Section 290. UC&CS GLOBAL does not provide services directly to its clients and does not adhere any responsibility by the acts or omissions from any of its strategically associated firms.

We are organized in 5 Continents:

  • América, by UC&CS América
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Oceanía


In each Continent were we do not have a local presence, we have created Strategic Alliances with Firms or Regional Networks, to cover those Geographic Areas.

Our Global Concept includes, the following Services:

  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Tax and Legal Advisory
  • Business Advisory


Our Strategic Association is integrated by Accountants, Lawyers and Business Advisors, with diverse services as Auditing, Accounting, Legal and Fiscal Advisory, International Trade, Transfer Pricing, Re-engineering of Business Processes, Corporative Finance, Information Technology and Change Management.

Our main offices are located in Mexico City and New York City.

We offer our clients a wide domestic and international experience throughout a wide range or industries and disciplines including Banks, Finances, Sales, Manufacture and Services, public as well as private services.

Summarizing, we provide our customers GLOBAL SERVICES.

UC&CS Global statistics IAB - 2016

UC&CS GLOBAL is the 18th Association, worldwide, with:

  • 239 US millions in total revenue
  • 23% of Auditing and accounting services
  • 73% of Tax and Legal services
  • 4% of Consulting Services
  • 2,334 Total Staff
  • 254 Partners
  • 1,739 Professional Staff
  • 341 Administrative Staff
  • 190 Offices


UC&CS World Council

UC&CS Global Association Bylaws

UC&CS Global Internal rules of procedure